About the Press

Bone & Ink Press is a small press based in southeastern Wisconsin, founded in 2017 by Jessie Lynn McMains. Jessie Lynn remains the sole proprietrix/editor of the press. (Bone & Ink Literary Magazine, which is currently on hiatus, had two editors aside from Jessie--Khaya Osborne as Poetry Editor and Arielle Burgdorf as Fiction Editor.)


We are committed to publishing the works of marginalized writers. We are committed to publishing writing that startles like a shout in the street. We aim to publish at least five titles per year--some combination of anthologies, books and chapbooks by individual authors, micro-chaps, zines, etc. We may wind up publishing more than that, but we want to make sure we have the time and energy to put our all behind each publication. And what do we mean by we are committed to publishing the works of marginalized writers? We mean that we are looking for thrilling feats of (literary) derring-do by LGBTQ+ writers, writers of color, women, disabled writers, neurodivergent writers, immigrant writers/people writing in English as a second language, etc. We're not making any rules like "we'll never publish anything by a straight white guy," but we will be focusing on publishing writers who are underrepresented in some way.

We are a very, very indie press, with small print runs, no ISBNs, and no distribution through Amazon. We fund all our print runs through preorders and sales of digital copies, plus the occasional donation. After the initial cost of publication is outsold, we split all profits 50/50 with our authors. We do not charge submission fees. In the future we may have a 'tip jar' submission option or something similar, but an author's ability to pay or not will never effect the consideration we give to your work.

The journal is currently on an indefinite hiatus, and the press is catching up on its publication list before reopening for submissions. Updates will be posted on the blog and on our Twitter account. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

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