Goddex Unbloomed


Creation is queer—


why should I be any different?

-from “Manifesto Revisited”



That is the central question of Goddex Unbloomed. In these poems, Sam Jowett has created a universe of drag queens and disco lights, where everyone has the room to express the full fabulousness of their own true selves.


Creation     is        never objective 

not born from impartiality     nor solipsism    but rather    



an outpouring of emotion of 


        the absolute expression of


        the love

        the anger

        the passion of


-from “In Every Creation

Praise for Goddex Unbloomed

We are all born with whole and wholesome celestial bodies until a tyrannical meteor collides with us, dispersing all our flickering slivers out into our infinite universe for us to find and piece ourselves stronger and evermore scintillating. It is what Sam Jowett’s Goddex Unbloomed sings staccatos and sways swirls about—the unjust unblooming to reblooming a blossoming made different made polychromatic made fluid made queer. Goddex Unbloomed is an absolutely musical masterpiece of a world reimagined with “no hierarchy, /all equal”, a world recreated “messy” but “polytheistic” and “diverse”, and we rebloomed as “prismatic refractions that blossom cosmic”. Sam Jowett’s star-spangled chapbook is authentically and unabashedly an “Astral divine dragnova”. 

–Nadia Gerassimenko, Editor at Moonchild Magazine



Goddex Unbloomed paints creation as primping for a wild night at the Disco: Mercury lipstick. Ozone concealer. A flick of a pearl earring. Much like God, this collection is mysterious and unapologetically queer. Sam Jowett has an astronomical mind, and it shows.   

–Lannie Stabile, Author of Little Masticated Darlings



Part peculiar mythology, part discotheque, part riot, part speculative dream, part sweeping metaphor, Goddex Unbloomed is both a journey and a means to stand still while the self is turned inside-out. Jowett employs a chaotic mix of character development, myth-making and layered world-building to drill under this world’s normative mantle—delightfully exposing a swirling, ever-changing and utterly queer core deep below. This book is a ‘song of the self’ deftly intertwined within questions of divinity.

–Danielle Rose—author of AT FIRST AND THEN, forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press


In Goddex Unbloomed, Sam Jowett takes the reader on a glitter-covered journey through the cosmos. With cleverly named drag deities and allusions to classic literature, each poem comes together to form a sacred text that is unapologetically queer. It reminds us our earthly experience is as much human as it is holy, and ultimately proves that such a paradox is worth celebrating 

–Katie Gilgour


Sam Jowett weaves astronomical symbolism and twists metaphor into light in their debut chapbook, Goddex Unbloomed. What is it to bloom and unbloom, to become and then unbecome? An undulating mythos, Jowett explores the clash of physical and spiritual identities with the glamor of a drag show. The lyrical language paints a glitter-stained journey of creation and destruction, a “celestial waltz” reflecting the struggle to define the vast reaches of the spirit. True yet uncertain, this profoundly honest work sings an enchanting melody of self-discovery.