Call for Submissions, January-February 2018: Endings, Beginnings, & Resolutions

From the beginning of January to the middle of February, many of the holidays--western New Year, Imbolc/Candlemas, Chinese New Year, etc.--have to do with endings and beginnings. And then there are the different ways, both overt and subconscious, we mark these endings and beginnings--our rituals and resolutions. So, the very first theme here on the Bone & Ink Press e-zine is endings, beginnings, & resolutions.

I want to encourage you to get creative with the themes. Your art or writing can explicitly involve one of the holidays I mentioned (or any holiday, if it has a similar theme), but it doesn't have to. And you don't have to make it obvious which of the themes you've chosen. All you have to do is pick one (or two, or all three!) and see where it leads you. I hope it's somewhere juicy and weird. (For a little inspiration on the theme of resolutions, check out what Bob Schofield has been doing. Pretty rad, huh?)

I will be accepting submissions of poetry, prose, art, and photography relating to the themes from now (January 13, 2018) until February 2, 2018 at 11:59 pm, CST. Work will be published here on a rolling basis starting as soon as possible and going through February 10. You can find the submission guidelines at the end of this post, or they can always be found here.

Monthly theme submission guidelines: first, make sure you know what the current theme/topic/prompt is. Second, make sure you’ve read what I’m looking for and what I’m not looking for (cuz it all applies to the blog as well as the manuscript submissions). Then, submit 1-3 relevant poems or shorter prose pieces or one longer piece (max. 2000 words, give or take), to Subject: Bone & Ink Blog Submission_[Your Name]_[Theme]_[Specify Poetry/Prose/Art/Photography]. (I.e., Bone & Ink Blog Submission_Jessie Lynn McMains_Resolutions_Prose). You can attach the work as a .doc, .docx, or .pages file, or include it in the body of the email. If the formatting doesn’t copy+paste well, please attach the work as .jpeg files. If you’re a visual artist or photographer and have something relevant to the current theme, please send 1-3 art pieces or photographs (attached as .jpeg files). I will not accept previously published pieces for the blog, with the exception of pieces posted on personal websites or blogs; same goes for art and photography. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let me know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. In the body of the email, include a bio, and links to your website/blog/social media page/etc. You can expect to hear from me within 1-2 weeks. If I accept one or more of your pieces, they will then be published on the blog within a month.

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