January/February 2018

Below is a complete list of each piece published for the Bone & Ink Press blog-zine inaugural themes. Stay tuned for the February/March themes, which will start being published in a few days. (And consider submitting your own stuff, maybe?)

Stillness, by Ele-Beth Little

Being still is only something for glasses of white wine and ice at night. For tired eyes. For sleeping on the couch, glasses lopsided.

Hurricanes happen and heat. The gardening and the dog-walking, driving. I inherited her movement, to a lesser degree.

Die and Heal, by Stella P.

Every breath I took pulled me closer to death.

My body was shutting down and took my mind with it.

Dying is not like anything else.

It’s pure exhaustion.

It’s being completely filled with pain.

It’s not being human.

It’s all of those things and none of those things at once.

Atomic Age // Dream Glow, by Arielle Burgdorf

Barbie passes an IN-N-OUT where someone who looks like her is still in the drive-thru window wearing a paper hat, waiting to take orders. Hello? Is there someone there? the woman calls out as she drives by. Stupid bitch, Barbie thinks. You don’t have to try anymore.

Giving Blood, by John Dorroh

The clouds cannot come to consensus on a game

plan. There is one that looks like a mouse, dark gray

with one whisker and a mutilated paw, and another

that looks like a sheep. There’s always a sheep. And

a whale. And occasionally on outline of one of the

48 contiguous states. I see a bloated Tennessee today

over on the left.

one-fourth, by Rob Plath

one-fourth of yr skeleton pressing down upon the planet as you gamble for the light

A Poem for Ex-Lovers, by Bitzy Coats

"We cannot think ourselves well." my buddy, Jim, says to a room full of affirmative grunts and nods self-cultivate or bust

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