Featured Writer: Courtney LeBlanc

I’m very excited to introduce our first featured writer, Courtney LeBlanc, whose poem Legend, was the first poem in vol. 2 of the Bone & Ink Press blog-zine.

Courtney is the author of the chapbooks All in the Family (Bottlecap Press) and The Violence Within (Flutter Press) and is an MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Public Pool, Rising Phoenix Review, The Legendary, Germ Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Brain Mill Press, Haunted Waters Press, and others. She loves nail polish, wine, and tattoos. Read her blog at, follow her on twitter: @wordperv, or find her on facebook:

The following are her responses to my featured writer/artist questionnaire:

1. What music have you been listening to lately?

I love pretty much anything acoustic. My favorite musician is William Fitzsimmons, he’s a former therapist and his albums are pretty heavy and intense, but mellow at the same time – his first album is about his parent’s divorce, he has another album about his own divorce. He uses music to work through issues and I think I do the same with my poetry. I also, sort of embarrassingly, love pop music. Not because I think it’s particularly well written but if it’s got a good beat and catchy lyrics it makes me want to dance. And I love to dance so I appreciate it for that.

2. Other current inspirations:

In 2017 I spent a lot of time in Hawaii for work so this factored into my poems in a big way – suddenly sand, the ocean, beaches, sunshine, and sea glass were making a regular appearance in my poems. As I have another work project in Hawaii this year I think these images will likely continue to show up. I tend to write poems around a central theme until I’ve exhausted the issue – my first chapbook, All in the Family, published by Bottlecap Press and available for purchase here:, is all about familial relationships and is split into three sections: Mother, Father, Sister. My newest chapbook, The Violence Within, just released by Flutter Press, is all about violence toward women. (see below for ordering details) I’m starting to assemble a full-length manuscript as well though it’s not fully taken shape yet. I don’t think I’ve written all the poems for that one yet.

3. Talk a little about either something you’re working on right now, or something you’ve recently completed.

My newest chapbook, The Violence Within, was just released by Flutter Press and I’m really excited about it! This collection of poems focuses on violence, mostly toward women both from external forces - abusive partners, society - and internal forces - the violence women do to ourselves to fit the roles society has insisted upon. The book can be ordered here:

A couple of poems included in the book:


How to Survive Heartbreak:

As I Contemplate My Second Divorce:

4. Give me a haiku or a self-portrait.

Want to read more of Courtney's poems? Yes, you do:

My Friend Offers to Read My Cards:

2am, Horoscope, Afloat:

We Carry:

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