Two Poems by Elisabeth Horan

My Power

by Elisabeth Horan

I am a defect of humanity -

woulda been burned at the stake

I am a mistake of the gene pool

Darwin’s turning in his crate

Like a cracked cuticle peeling, stinging

you peer at me

- oh so inviting -

Yet askew of you

on the surface of earth;

scuttling about so normally

I have two kids.

I have a name.

Watch me walk amid my shame.

Look at me i'm frickin free!

I’m walking the streets

the gumshoes

the men in blue:

Hey Dick!

Hey Chief!

better luck next week - !

Nostraightjackethoteltonightforme -

Lol! Not yet you see

No Nurse Ratched

No Black Boys in White -

No eager beaver Residents

No chewin’ gum

No lobotomy table

Just a fuck-heap of meds


lookin like soup

Chickarina - Pastillines

free joy? - no, honey, it’s

my muddy muddy fears

Let’s not wander about in here -

my unfortunate brain droop

I’m so free it's scary!

Hasn't anyone noticed terror invading -

Capable of burn and singe

Capable of wicca spells

of sugar in the gas

of nails in the Goodyears -

the weaving of raw animal raw parts

and my man-hating chants

Boom boom, die, boom boom, die

Scary? I’ll say...

Look at how far I've come

50,000 in debt and climbing

Me is Bad checks

Me is Bad dates

Got fucked - stayed out late

I’m a rip-off

Nuclear. Disaster.

I make the ceiling wet with stress

God’s got nuthin to do with this

^ This alone’s about persistence ^

and it’s mine all mine

And the fact is - ima pussy

who’d rather put

one foot in front of the other

Rather than digging the dirt

to plant myself

5 or 6 feet under ferns.

Got it now -

you’re still hangin around aincha -

that, is my power.

Sans Piel

by Elisabeth Horan

Remember the way a hand felt

the brush of a shoulder - (the) skin

is still upon you

just badly burned

if it has to go

if it has to peel I will still love

the muscles and the mess inside

I will brush against (your) shoulder

The hand it feels like this.

Like this -

Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont doing her best to make the world a little bit better with her words. She is an advocate for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain - especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. She has work published and forthcoming at Occulum, Former Cactus, Moonchild Magazine, Hedgehog Poetry and Ginger Collect. Her column "Arsenic Hour" is live at TERSE. Journal. Find her on Twitter @ehoranpoet

Image by Quinn Dombrowski, found on Flickr.

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