by Brian Wilson

Oh moon, why must you look so good in person yet so blurry on the screen of my iPhone?

When are Apple going to release the brand new iPhone Lunar,

specifically designed for celestial photography?

The man in the moon is hoarding my likes like gemstones.

Oh moon, why must your emoji be so inscrutable?

Are you sexy or psychotic?

What does it mean when Sarah sends you to me?

I texted back a winky face and she stopped responding. Did I do something wrong?

Oh moon, where is your river? I heard Frank Ocean singing about it yesterday.

He showed up in my suggested videos on YouTube, covering the song

made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Frank Ocean singing about a river – how lovely.

Oh moon. When I was five I thought you'd fall on me.

I thought you watched my every evening move.

Did you see when I stole the last caramel square from the cupboard in the kitchen?

Do you forgive me?

Do you forgive me, oh moon?

Brian Wilson is a writer from Northern Ireland. His most recent work was featured as part of the Smoke & Mirrors exhibit at the Torrance Art Museum in California. He tweets from and Instagrams from

Image by zenjazzygeek, found on Flickr:

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