Vol. 2: February/March 2018

...and that's a wrap for Vol. 2! Here's the complete list, so you can more easily revisit individual pieces:

Legend, by Courtney LeBlanc

A Japanese legend says if you can’t

sleep it’s because you’re awake

in someone else’s dream.

Featured Writer: Courtney LeBlanc

A Love Song In Four Bars, by Jessie Lynn McMains

It’s just

you’re so pretty

when yr putty, yr

so damaged like a

fist to a mirror.

Sir Math, by Kelly Sexton

And I almost fucked you, after the dirty talk about the factoring But you blew your sum before I could

Two Poems by Ele-Beth Little

When night un-hushed her, tears soon found their form

For all that light erased through vacant days,

She grieved the space within that danced a storm

(from "The Cave")

Pride and Woodpeckers, by James Reitter

Those breaths give rhythm to our song and dance, the patterns woven together, rearranged throughout some twenty years of happenstance. The smoke survives in ambiguous layers, tied together by mystery, science.

Two Poems by Vickie Smalls

Saint Mark, the things I beg of you are easy:

three grand cash

a deck of cigarettes with the filters ripped off

a paper bag to carry them in-

Time allowing,

one more chance.

(from "Meanwhile At Flann O'Brien's")

Two Poems by Elisabeth Horan

Nostraightjackethoteltonightforme -

Lol! Not yet you see

No Nurse Ratched

No Black Boys in White -

No eager beaver Residents

No chewin’ gum

No lobotomy table

Just a fuck-heap of meds


lookin like soup

(from "My Power")

moonpic27.jpeg, by Brian Wilson

Oh moon, where is your river? I heard Frank Ocean singing about it yesterday.

He showed up in my suggested videos on YouTube, covering the song

made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Frank Ocean singing about a river – how lovely.

Three Drawings by Solana Rose

The Pressing of Bodies in the Over-Dark, by James Diaz

things change

but not hometowns

every hole in the wall

is still there

collecting moonlight

in its small tunnel of plaster

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