Bone & Ink Press news: manuscript submissions closed, and some other things

Jessie here, with some Bone & Ink Press news too long to post in tweet form.

First things first - manuscript submissions are currently closed. I got way more submissions than I anticipated, which is great, but as I’m the only one reading manuscript subs right now, I can’t accept any more until further notice. I think I’m going to do it the way many micro-presses do: read through the submissions, select finalists, then select the two manuscripts that I’m ultimately going to publish. We’ll open up for manuscript submissions again early next year, and begin the process anew for 2019.

In the meantime, you can still submit to the blog/zine. We’re still taking submissions for vol. 3. I’ve extended the deadline for work fitting our spring themes to May 15, and we always accept non-themed pieces, so long as they fit the general blog submission guidelines.

Finally, if it takes us longer than usual to respond to your submission, know that we haven’t forgotten about you. Khaya is busy with their own stuff, and I am absolutely swamped right now—my computer is jacked up, I’m moving in a month and a half, I’m finishing up a poetry manuscript of my own, etc., etc. If you haven’t heard anything in a month (for blog submissions) or four months (for manuscript submissions), feel free to query just to make sure we received it. Most likely, we have, and just haven’t had a chance to make a decision yet.

Keep writing fire, making beauty, telling truth. The world needs your words and art.


Jessie Lynn McMains

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