Language Lessons at Corporate Coffee

Language Lessons at Corporate Coffee

by KJ Geisler

"Stare Decisis" she (you) said

"Like precedent.'" I interpreted

as always, of course, you told me I was wrong

but half my mind was already gone -

looking for philological precedents .

(not nearly as bothered, as once,

by not being accepted correct)

and since you had already rebuffed

my line about Van Gogh

I was away at the smials

pulling open drawers

folding out files long disused.

Not much under "Latin"

but that leads to Italian

-an even smaller portfolio of words

mostly absurd food allusions;

Calabrese, vermicelli, al-dente, spaghetti

which I'd spelled for my son recently

WAIT! Lawrence Ferlin-ghetti:

West-Coast-Italian-beat poet-Publisher

wrote "Dove STA Amore?"

(a conjugation of "stare?")

it always reminds of her

because he says "Where lies love?"

-not simply "where is it?"

Follow that with a quick visit to the library's main wing

and located under "Misappropriated References"

you will see a foolish thing, a trick of nostalgia

has taken this man's words,

which really have not to do with loss

so much as longing.

Which, okay,

can be cross-referenced to great effect...

As I select Coney Island of the Mind

from the physical shelf, I find

I have left myself a bookmark

and, (I swear) this is truth:

there, breaking the bindings of my book,

is a Starbucks sleeve, too thick for long keeping

but keeping the place I had left off at

on December 18, 2009

feet buried in the snow of Westlawn Memorial...

Ferlinghetti: Number 28, (and I quote, as on that day:)

"Dove sta amore

Where lies love

Dove sta amore

Here lies love

The ring dove love

In lyrical delight

Hear love's hillsong

Love's true willsong

Love's low plainsong

Too sweet painsong

In passages of night

Dove sta amore

Here lies love

The ring dove love

Dove sta amore

Here lies love"

Dove Sta Amore?

-Stare decisis

et non quieta movere:

"to accept decisions; not disturb the undisturbed."

KJ Geisler is a poet, photographer and essayist residing in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He has been haunting taverns, cemeteries and water’s edges for years and is, seemingly, no wiser for it.

Photograph by KJ Geisler

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