desert under wraps/highway 17

desert under wraps/highway 17

by Constance Schultz

desert under wraps a secret thing

coyotes know and cougars

in caves and steppes

roam ravines

run thru large fields cut short


worry weather

where will they run

across Lake Lenore

her caves/shelter

from cruel winds

hunker down til spring

except when it snows

then watch it fall

up in the water

Constance Schultz and her family live and hike by Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. Her writing is greatly influenced by Carl Sandburg, e.e. cummings and Langston Hughes. Ms. Schultz has work in or forthcoming in multiple journals and magazines including the Calamus Journal, Figroot Press, Verdancies, Empty Mirror and Indicia.

Image by Rick Cameron, found on Flickr:

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