it’s raining, and I

it's raining, and I

by Solana Rose

I'm almost ready for you again,

ripe and ready like I was at 19 again and it'd be

different, like before, a change of pace

only now I'd be delving back into the archives,

combing catalogues for yes, in his 50s, yes

lived through the 70s, someone

smart enough and self absorbed enough

for me to safely fall into and in bed with

It's raining again, so unlike

LA to bring misty downpours like this when we are pressing

summertime when we are skirting

sideways through coming-of-age and coming-unglued

we drive cautiously (or not) and wait in traffic

cigarettes spindling empty through car windows and tardy mouths

it's raining, and i

miss your face, all lines and time spent and hours talked and

stories unfurling in the dark, always past midnight

I'm older now, and have my own car

We can leave my little sister out of it, and I'll meet you,

your side of town

(or down here, just a little bit sideways,

while you're skirting, pouring down on me like,

oh, springtime a few years ago,

but I'm a little bit older now,

if you still want me.)

Solana Rose has lately been filling diaries at neighborhood bars and actively seeking cool girls to hang with (as well as a place to house her guitars).


Instagram: @solanarose94

Image by Karen Borter, found on Flickr:

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