by Casimir Wojciech

My mind has become serrated

at its edges.

Vertigo encodes

the furies in which

I rise stretching

extremities of certainty.

I am allowing

more and more

of myself to blossom

out of reverie

with less and less

to proclaim.

Invisible armadas

have engulfed my senses.

Sadness moves through me

like humming birds in the wind.

I throat a prayer as the miracles

that bind us

to one another leak moonlight

across these yellow walls:

Just like the shadow of a body

Just like the shadow of a body

Casimir Wojciech was born and raised in Northern California and now lives in the Sonoran Desert. His poems are published in Text, Empty Mirror and Writing the Polish Diaspora. He is currently looking for a home for his manuscript. You can find him on twitter @caswojciech.

Image by budgora, found on Flickr:

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