Featured Writer: Isabelle Kenyon

Isabelle Kenyon is a UK based poet with 2 chapbooks out (This is not a Spectacle and Digging Holes To Another Continent, Clare Songbirds Publishing House) and an anthology which she edited for UK mental health charity Mind, Please Hear What I'm Not Saying. She’s just launched Fly on the wall Poetry Press, which will publish further anthologies for charities on themes.

You can find out all about her work at

1. What music have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to more acoustic folk style songs to help relax my brain a bit at the end of a long day! I find it helps me think more clearly when I write! Generally I always listen to bands like Mystery Jets, The Smiths, 80s Music – but I have a very eclectic music taste. For example Try A Little Tenderness – Otis Redding, is on my Spotify but so are Craig David and salsa songs!

2. Other current inspirations:

I really want to write about myths and legends – inspired by reading Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Feminine Gospels’ recently! I’ve been inspired to write more visceral poetry after reading books like Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang (published with Lenny Letters – Lena Dunham). Exploring sexuality more is something which interests me. I want to find the time to get arty and make zines! I’ve never really combined poetry and collaging and weird imagery like that before.

3. Talk a little about either something you’re working on right now, or something you’ve recently completed.

So at the moment I’m starting Fly on the Wall Poetry Press – which is so exciting! Basically the Press is for the production of charitable anthologies. This Feb I published Please Hear What I’m Not Saying for UK mental health charity, Mind, and the support I received was immense – people definitely felt like their words would make a difference, and this is the premise that the Press was started on. The first submission call of ‘Outsiders’ opens June 10th at

I’ve literally just released my second chapbook ever into the world: ‘Digging Holes To Another Continent’ with Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York. I hope that it takes the readers on a journey round New Zealand with me – that is the location which inspired it, and it was entirely written during my time there. It has strong themes of family and grieving, but on the whole, it is an uplifting and imagery rich collection! You can find it here:

4. Give me a haiku or a self-portrait.

She says I saw you in 10 years,

same walk, same hair from the back –

I can’t picture it

and if I could I wouldn’t want to.

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