PREORDER: Riding with Anne Sexton

They kick me out and tell me to take you with me.

Of course, of course, I have to take you with me.

Your mid-century modern is trashed

with vomit. Your hair is matted

and your lipstick smeared into

your cheek. I am all out of pity

and gods to please you with. They

took all the food and fucking

with them anyway. They said, no,

really, this is excessive, even

by our standards—and if you think

we’re going to open the door

when you knock once more,

you better have a believable story.

-from “Riding with Anne Sexton”

This magical, sad and beautiful chapbook by Jen Rouse, published by Bone & Ink Press in conjunction with dancing girl press, will be out later this month, and is still available for preorder! Send $10 + $2 for shipping to:

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