Three Poems by Kristin Ryan

Crisis Counseling: Intake

The intake process is the same for adults and children.

You don’t have to tell me what happened, but it might help if you do.

I want you to know that your reactions were normal. Has anyone told you that?

That you’re normal?

Angled Sunlight

My body is full of rot and song: No one wants to touch bone. How am I supposed to make my body mine again?

That first touch taught me I had no choice.

Hide and Seek after Nick Flynn

​​ I am walking through ​​ a memory.

Dim nightlight, bathtub caked with soap scum and dirt. ​​ A child pressed ​ against the counter, ​​ her underwear ​ near her ankles. The door to the bedroom is locked. The door to the hallway is also locked.

​​ He stands over her. ​ On the wall, ​​ she watches his ​ shadow swallow ​​ her whole.

These poems originally appeared in Spider Mirror in January 2018

Kristin Ryan is a poet working towards healing, and full sleeves of tattoos. She is a recipient of the Nancy D. Hargrove Editor's Prize in Poetry, was listed as a Write Bloody Finalist, and has been nominated for Best New Poets. Her poems have been featured in Glass, Jabberwock Review, Milk and Beans, among others. She holds an MFA from Ashland University and works in the mental health field. She tweets @kristinwrites

Image by Amber Seegmiller

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