Kitchen Witches and Wild Witches // Emily Hall

Kitchen Witches and Wild Witches

(For Rosy Petri) Some witches grow Rose of Sharon by their door Hibiscus in their house Wild orchids in their garden, Some pull invasive plants and eat Them raw and plant Handfuls of sunflowers In their wake Some witches bake Bread without measuring Pie without adding one apple Add owl tears and cinnamon, And when you eat it, You speak your heart. Some witches collect Different images Printed on dead forests Knowing they can necromance The souls of the trees Some witches paint Catholic icons Suffering While dreaming of Ifa There are 2 main types of witch The garden witch The wildcrafter witch, Within that there are others, Shadow Witch, Bee Witch, Myth Witch, But you don't have to name yourself Or fight the other types of witches The ones who will not be named Don't need a name. Let her eat our bones and refuse To garden Let her claim other heritages, Let her take sorrow And make it a party for dionysus Let her eat our tears

Emily Hall is a local charm caster and tarot reader, creatrix and director of Waxing Gibbous Tarot Collective. Find her poems and cards of the day and musings at: or

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Image by Priscilla Santana

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