how the world ends // Quinn Lui

how the world ends

i say hollow-eyed / with hollow / as a synonym / for hungry, as / a synonym for / curling fingers around the moon / and blotting out the stars / with dark thumbprints. i’m / looking at you, / shadows painting / skull-sockets like war paint / and eyes that want / to swallow the world / as how the void / wants to swallow you. / wolf-girl, come walk / with me; would you / have welcomed / the sun into your jaws / if she had invited it, / i wonder. i map out / the spaces between mind-paths / with only the light of indifference / (and is that light / or only a shade / brighter than darkness) / to illuminate / the way. wander / by the side of girls like / wolves, sharp teeth / worth nothing, sharp tongue / worth nothing. scissor-blade mouths / scraping against each other / and smiling / in a way that runs a razor wire / between beautiful / and not. smiling / as we perch / in the contours of a shadow / and watch the world end, / slowly (i said / i wonder, but i / already know).

Quinn Lui is a Chinese-Canadian student and writer attending the University of Toronto. At this very moment, they are probably spending too much money on bubble tea or talking to their houseplants. Their work has appeared in Synaesthesia Magazine, Occulum, Luna Luna Magazine, and elsewhere, as well as in chapbook form (teething season for new skin, L'Éphémère Review 2018). You can find them @flowercryptid on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Image by Charles Rodstrom

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