Samhain // Robert Grant


All Hallows Eve’s upon us all once more:

The time has come to hang the lantern’s head

And hollow out the pumpkin to the core,

Lighting candles, scaring off the dead.

Feed the children sweets for trick or treat,

Wear silly costumes, dance around some flames.

Dress as messy ghosts under a sheet,

Forgetting all you know about Samhain:

Sacrifice, blood tributes and more death

From werewolves killing cattle and those whom

Would jibe at gods and witness their last breath.

Or, culling all the first out of the womb.

For terror, in Samhain, there’s many reasons

To hide from all the horrors of this season.

Robert Grant is a forty-six year old writer of poetry and short stories. He has had two collections published, 'The Judas Tree' and 'Night Haunting', as well as appearing in a variety of magazines. You can read and hear more of his work by following the links on his twitter account at: .

Image by Danny Chapman

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