Two Poems // Suzy Howe

The Witch’s Premonition (grass moon)

She floats

naked in crabgrass

above the flowing blades, with

broom bound by willow.

tickled by death

skin oiled

green, she

rides west



lashes burning

[Where the backyard light only dresses...]

Where the backyard light only dresses

the blackness of the night with

darker shades of faces reflecting

In the leaves

the night’s silver breath stings

the back of your neck so

your shiver echoes through the dark

canyons of the trees

where something hides

and knows

That if you look too far

too deep into the back of the yard

you might find yourself

at the edge waving,

looking back

Suzy Howe finds herself most days in a birdcage overlooking the river in Central Downtown Milwaukee. She is a mother of two daughters. She writes adult and children poetry and has journaled since the age of nine. She is a nature walker, broom rider, a healer and a kitchen alchemist. This is her first publication of her poetry.

Image by Jan

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