Empyrean // D. Drobnick

we do not speak

of what happened in the


tilted axis

calling mother

oh mother

my alpine vertebrae;

unbirth them unbirth this

ruinous tear in the sky

oh sister

unforgivable: how i let you

undo your skin from the

inside, as if i don’t know

how horses burn

oh baby in hay fire & hell fire

in thirty seconds: charcoal lungs

in two minutes: heat like a panoramic view

heat like already gone

oh brother

the folk song every night

liquor, his hand between your thighs

those goldfish eyes left in midnight

you: at the gas station

steel moon entering

just below your sternum

you: the aegean sea oh father

you: currants spilling through my hands

oh my father

we may die young but

at least we

die young

d. drobnick is a seventeen year old who isn't sure whether she has anything worthwhile to say, but here's to hoping. her writing is both a search for personal recovery & a desperate attempt to capture the uncapturable, trusting it's enough. she spends too much time napping with her dogs & wishing it would rain. she'd like either to find closure, or disappear to somewhere wild & untamed until it finds her. in all likelihood, she'll disappear regardless. her work can be found at

Image by Matthew Frederickson

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