Two Poems // John Yohe

Saint Lilith

You're welcome bitches—all you pretty Eves

Adam was a jerk from the beginning

We'd walk thru Eden brushing away leaves

and he'd lecture + mansplain everything—

all the

goddamn names of the goddamn things

+ commanding me to lie beneath

him—which I might have chose, which is what stings.

So I left—left Eden naked beneath

my pride + went to Hell to fuck


and yes size does matter + your pretty

little children then all had sex with mine

tho they mostly kept your submissive genes.


blaming you for the tree was shitty—

Oh, you never heard of me? Wonder why.

Saint Cain

The winner writes the myth. We were hunters.

We ran our prey down + moved w/the herds

but some thru weakness chose agriculture

and stayed in place using their snake tongue words

to claim the land their own and to control

the food supply so yes I killed Abel

in self defense + God—he did nothing

for these ten thousand years he's done nothing

and now you people of the Book have that

while the 1% rich own everything.

But I have left my mark—you hold it still.

You have the power to take it all back

You have the power to let my mark ring.

Remember we are hunters—we can kill.

Born in Puerto Rico, John Yohe grew up in Michigan and lives in Oregon. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, and now fire lookout.

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