Capitalist Pig (A Tribute to Rik Mayall) // Alexa Locksley

You’re not so fine, swine! While you go out to dine, swine, your workers are suffering at the production line! You act so refined, swine! Drinking your wine, swine! But the only thing you care about is your bottom line! You think you’re divine, swine! You want a shrine, swine! The world will rejoice when you’re pickled in brine! Or will they lament and pine because you’ve warped their minds and turned us all into— swine?

Alexa Locksley is an escaped Midwesterner who currently lives in Las Vegas. They are nonbinary, but not very good at it yet. Locksley teaches English, has a rat terrier, and loves coffee and film noir. Their other work has been published or is upcoming in Ghost City Review, Peach Mag, and Shot Glass Journal. They are on Twitter and Instagram @AlexaLocksley.

Image by Dilated Time

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