Combustible Shift // Juliet Cook and j/j hastain

He tells you to cut off your left breast. You'd better do as he says, unless your nipples want to burn.

That breast was just an implant anyway.

It can be replaced

with a death's head moth

or death's door itself.

Or an old scratched album of The Doors

or a new woman with less

scratch marks.

Stretch marks create their own dance move

in which you want to maneuver your way out of your flesh and all its moth holes.

You can’t help but want to move out of

the fatty strobe, create your own

strobe light, pour out the well

and mix up the bar

until piñatas are in every martini.

How do they fit? Same question

about this hot new boyfriend's shaking fit. Shake shake shake

and release all the toxins. They are

not from you but they hold you

down sort of

like he does. Maybe you're the one who has to start a fire.

j/j hastain is a collaborator, writer and maker of things. j/j performs ceremonial gore. Chasing and courting the animate and potentially enlivening decay that exists between seer and singer, j/j hopes to make the god/dess of stone moan and nod deeply through the waxing and waning seasons of the moon.

Juliet Cook is a grotesque glitter witch medusa hybrid brimming with black, grey, silver, purple, and dark red explosions. She is drawn to poetry, abstract visual art, and other forms of expression. Her poetry has appeared in a peculiar multitude of literary publications. You can find out more at

Image by Orin Zebest

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