Two Poems // Jordan Hamel

Small curses


​​small curses

      are enough.​

A coffee-stained shirt


​​a used condom​​​

    in their lunchbox​


​  Gaslight your enemies

until their reality

                splits open,​

​         as you rain down

    a plague

of minor inconvenience.​

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Daniel Radcliffe

and made it into

a Vine.

Jordan Hamel (he/him/his) is a New Zealand-based poet and performer. He is the 2018 New Zealand Poetry Slam Champion and has performed at festivals across Aotearoa. He is a poetry editor for Barren Magazine and has work published or forthcoming in Ghost City Press, Mojave Heart Review, Mimicry, Sweet Mammalian, Kissing Dynamite and elsewhere.

Image by James Whatley

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