USPS Blues

Dear readers and writers (especially those who contributed to Shut Down Strangers)—

Just when I think I’ve finally caught up with mailing out back orders and contributor copies, there's yet another hitch. I sent a bunch of books and chapbooks out a couple weeks ago, and some of them arrived at their destinations but then I got a bunch of emails from people asking where their books were, and...

After looking over my shipping order and talking to the post office, I figured out the issue. See, I recently started using, and apparently I don't quite have the hang of it yet. They have this feature where you can choose a shipping date after the date of purchase, and I did that without knowing it. So some of the packages went out close to right away, and others are being held by the post office until the shipping date I inadvertently chose. Oops! But they are all either on their way now, or will be shortly, and then, finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief. (I've also learned from my mistake, and will be certain to double-check the shipping date next time.)

Thanks, everyone, for bearing with me. I'm trying really hard to run a rad press, but I'm only one person and I fuck up or get delayed sometimes.


Jessie Lynn McMains // Bone & Ink Press

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