You and Me, Honey, and the Devil Makes Three // Annabel Mahoney

for Marya Lebyadkina

I loved him when I married him but he did not love me; always the wife, that fragile, small and flim- sy thing. My body in his gaze; it suits his wetwork. His whole taut and angry frame. The man; despot, black rot garrotte, the feral sans- culotte. And I, the lady, hands are tied, the hand with that gold ring in my imagination where I dreamed I’d marry him. A fair and gentle dream. A summer fling- Now everything has gone away I am at last the dying day.

Annabel Mahoney is the Editor-in-Chief of the Wellington Street Review and the Creative Director of Royal Rose Magazine. She has been widely published in a number of literary journals and anthologies; most recently Burning House Press, Ghost City Review, Déraciné Magazine, Mookychick and RECLAIM/RESIST: An Anthology of Women’s Poetry. 

Her first collection, Wyf-King, was released with Lapwing Publications in June 2019.

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Image by Paul Gillard

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